About Us

Get Quality Support With Aus Safe Support

Aus Safe Support is an NDIS registered provider that aims to offer quality services to culturally diverse participants to help them live independent life. We have a team of experienced and friendly support workers who assist clients living in the Sydney suburbs. We are committed to delivering great support services to our participants according to their requirements and helping them live a happy life just like everyone in society. We provide excellent support to all types of participants, including plan-managed, self-managed, and NDIA-managed.

About Us

Aus Safe Support can assist all individuals with disabilities with a wide range of services. Our cordial support workers will assist you to manage your personal activities, travel and transportation, social participation, household tasks, life skills development, and many more. Our quality management system ensures seamless services as we respond to all kinds of complaints and feedback in real-time. With the information gathered through our meticulous process, we update our policies, practices and procedure to deliver the best services to our participants. By working with Aus Safe Support, you can build confidence and learn to be free and joyful with independent living.

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